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Remember your Mother helping you when you were little and injured? What did she do? She held you, spoke gently to you, cleaned your wounds, and eased your pain. Nature can do the same. The future of skincare evolves from the origin of everything... the MOTHER EARTH. Start from where you belong !

Sprouting from Sreedhareeyam, world's largest network of Ayurvedic ophthalmology institutes, Farmherbs brings together the efficacy of modern science and the safety of Ayurveda together for the world to see! Perfected & clinically evaluated with advanced herbal technology from Ayurflora Synergy Institute, Farmherbs is the future of beauty & Baby care!

Brands are shouting at the length of their throats about 'No paraben' or 'No SLS' or 'Vegan'. Adding other synthetic preservatives instead of paraben and calling themselves natural is a deception. Free of any synthetics, whether it is actives, preservatives or fragrances, and being 100% safe, effective and convenient is the Farmherb's promise!

The Real Promise of Safety & Efficacy

The 100% True Herbal :- Without any synthetic ingredients, Farmherbs contains only 100% herbal ingredients which are proven safe by internationally recognized databases like Ethical Working Group (   Read More..

The Golden Trilogy :- Every Farmherbs product has three major components in its formulation. First, an Ayurvedic base formula, secondly, high quality actives which are derived from herbals, and the final part is the floral nectar, which provides aroma and freshness completing the golden trilogy of ingredient perfection.   Read More..

The True Label :- All Farmherbs product packages show all ingredients in the product for the customer to see and understand. We don't hide anything, nor do we use confusing jargons.   Read More..

Hurdle Preservation :- Our formulations protect itself without any synthetic preservatives. Also we use high quality airless containers for our aqua based products, to ensure its protection and efficacy.  Read More..

pH Balanced Formula :- All skincare products are pH balanced to provide for better care and skin health.   Read More..

From the House of Sreedhareeyam

Centuries of Ayurvedic Legacy

Centuries of Ayurvedic wisdom from the house of Sreedhareeyam and advanced research from Ayurflora Synergy Institute comes together, for a revolutionary line of true herbal products. To heal the problems of the body, mind and soul, we need to fall back in harmony with mother earth. Farmherbs represents a herbal revolution with high performance, healthy, skin-friendly & highly effective formulations with carefully chosen pure herbal ingredients treating you to a sensorial bliss & luxury.


Farmherbs Ayurvedic Legacy

The Future of Skincare

All herbs. Nothing else, Nothing less.

The ingredient synergy is the key to safety, efficacy and a better product experience. The different ingredients in the formulation should be compatible with the skin, good for the skin microflora and above all, not reacting among themselves to make it toxic. This is called the Synergy of ingredients.

The co-existing chemicals in a life form like a plant remove the toxicity of the actives and also modulates it to better efficacy. Moreover, the 5000 years old science of Ayurveda clearly details all the aspects of herbs which can be used and all their effects on life. There are guidelines on using these in combinations or the processes to be adopted before using them. It is the stellar work of generations of wise men. Enhancing and validating it with modern technology to create a perfect balance of safety & efficacy is the future of Skincare.

Caught in the Luxury Trap?

Did you know that almost 30% of everything you put on your skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream?

The ‘user’ experience!

Most of the synthetic ingredients which are present in cosmetics are basically used to enhance 'user experience', that is to make your skin feel ‘silky’, or feel ‘cool’, which ultimately blocks the pathway to a healthy body and skin. The customer experience should be the end result that the customer needs; it should not be a tragic reaction or a harmful effect in the long run.

Wrong about safe synthetics?

An ingredient that is part of a life form is far better than one which is created in a laboratory. Most of the synthetic ingredients which are deemed safe at a time have been proven harmful at a later period of time. Talk Parabens! Once present in all formulations as a preservative is now deemed carcinogenic, and all formulators are shouting ‘paraben-free’ from the depth of their lungs shifting to some other synthetics which will again face the test of time.

Are all herbals safe?

Nature is really everyone’s Mother. She is really responsible for Birth, Living and Death. There are compounds on the earth which are far more toxic than synthetics. Understanding this is divine. Using a whole plant part brings a synergistic safety and efficacy than using an isolated chemical because it is part of an existing life form. 

We pay close attention to safety, as well as formulating with active botanical ingredients. Our goal is to teach the consumer that “natural” doesn’t automatically mean good and that every ingredient should directly and only benefit the health of our skin and the safety of the formulation.

Unfortunately, today’s regulations allow manufacturers to use harmful, disruptive ingredients. Most of the time, a ‘safe’ ingredient now will become ‘toxic’ in a few years! So we at Farmherbs, stay focussed on the natural ingredients, still choose from the natural ingredients which can co-exist in a formulation because some ingredients are incompatible together. 

Our product development team obsessively self-regulates and reviews every single precious ingredient to make sure it is the safest, most efficacious and most synergistic with the entire product line, while staying focused on both internal and external health.

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