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True Label - The Revolution of Honesty and Transparency

The True Label is the new honest handshake

We promise you 100% transparency. What's inside, appears on the label, nothing else, nothing less !

The True Label is the new honest handshake

We promise you 100% transparency. What's inside, appears on the label, nothing else, nothing less !

You have often seen the words ‘Key ingredients’ and ‘Excipients’ on cosmetic labels. These terms specify that there are other ingredients that the customer don’t know or shouldn’t know. ‘Clean beauty’ and ‘Clean label’ are words often misused. Honesty and transparency are virtues long lost in the cosmetics industry. But here at Farmherbs, mother nature unwinds all her true self, giving us the limitless liberty to reveal the whole product formula to you without any masked words or technical jargons. Every ingredient used in our products is derived from plants and every milligram of that truth is revealed on our labels. We call it, the True Label.

How to understand a cosmetic label?

What’s inside matters most! Fancy packaging and clever wordings can make you believe in less !

Understanding every ingredient listed on the label of the product is imperative for you to know that it is safe and effective. Knowledge is power, and even though it takes some time to learn how to decipher everything that’s there, you’ll be better off doing it. There are many ways to do this.

Google It! :- The easiest way is to search on Google for ingredient names that you don’t understand. Mostly it works, but reading through different articles and reaching a decision becomes far too complicated for most people.

Trusted sources :- The sure shot way is to use authentic third party research databases which carefully review each ingredient and rank the safety based on research reports. Ethical Working Group (EWG) is a renowned database, where you can type in any ingredient name and see the ranking to assess its safety of it. It can be reached at :-

Every ingredient in Farmherbs products conforms to a ranking from 1 to 3 in EWG, which is the safest ever!

We care for your trust

Brands shouting at the length of their throat “Paraben-free” & “Phthalates Free” can be a diversion

In this modern world of technology, just saying ‘what we don’t add’ is just not enough. What really matters is what goes into it and we need to validate it with the most trusted safety methods & tests. Words like “Paraben-free” or “100% Vegan” doesn’t prove anything. The word ‘Vegan’ infers that the product does not contain any animal origin ingredient or its by-products in it, but this doesn't mean it is free from harmful synthetic chemicals.

We believe that big or small, everything that is in a formulation certainly has an effect, hence it should be revealed. Clear label data is not the only juncture where you meet transparency with Farmherbs. In all our online product pages, you will find the EWG safety rating, source type and comedogenic rating for each of the ingredient. Further, each ingredient is tested for safety and efficacy by a team of highly qualified research scientists. You can be assured that each Farmherbs product reaches you as the culmination of world-class research, centuries of Ayurvedic wisdom, decades of clinical experience and ultimate safety tests.

Hidden Truth Behind Product Packaging


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