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The skin’s natural barrier

Skin pH plays a major role in gaining flawless skin.
Skin pH Balance

The skin’s natural barrier

Skin pH plays a major role in gaining flawless skin.

As with life, skin pH is all about balance. Maintaining the pH balance of your skin may not bring a big visible change rapidly, but it is the body’s natural defence system and we will do best if we don’t disturb it. The research shows skin’s average pH is between 4.5 and 5.5, which is slightly acidic. It will help your skin fight the pollutants and harmful bacteria. Let it breathe a sigh of relief by selecting quality products. If you want to see some products which are pH balanced, we assure you all Farmherbs skincare products are pH balanced.

The naturally acidic pH allows beneficial bacteria to happily live on our skin while it deters bad bacteria and other microbes that do not like the acidic environment. The acid mantle is necessary for the proper functioning of the skin’s surface.

Acid mantle is your natural skin barrier

If you really ponder the thought, the idea of bathing is a relatively new concept in the total history of mankind. When we bath, the acid mantle also gets cleaned partially. After bathing with an alkaline soap, your skin begins re-secreting the mantle immediately and most healthy skin will regain its acid mantle within 30 to 45 minutes.

The acid mantle acts as your natural skin barrier, it is constituted of lipids from oil glands, amino acids from sweat, and microbiomes.

So every cleansing product, be it soap or cleanser, disturbs the acid mantle for a short period at least. Since it is being washed away, it gives the skin the opportunity to rebuild the acid mantle. But the real problem arises with the leave-on products. Creams, lotions or serums, all the leave-on products stay on the skin for a longer period and if those are not pH balanced, it denies the skin the breathing space to rebuild the mantle.

We believe that effective skincare isn't a big deal if one does it wisely. Keeping your acid mantle unaltered is all you can do to maintain good and healthy skin, we say Farmherbs is best for that! Since we have botanical Hyaluronan, botanical Bakuchiol, and other innovative plant-based actives, which are regarded as the finest humectants for skin repair, they can work their wonders without interrupting natural defence systems of the body.

Need of pH balanced care

You are given the key to unlocking the skin you want to maintain, make your skincare regime

pH-balanced farmherbs products give,

  • Improved barrier function
  • Better moisture retention
  • Less scaling
  • Healthy bacterial flora 

If you choose farmherbs or products that are clinically proven to maintain skin pH, you are keeping a protective barrier, and help maintain the healthy acidity of the skin. 

Products formulated with a pH that falls in the range of 4.5 and 5.5 is needed for the skin. Any product, whether it is rinse-off or leave-on, does influences the pH balance since it makes contact with your skin anyway. Always choose products that do not disturb the skin conditions and also the ones that do not strip the sebum and oil out of the skin. 

Why is pH important in your skincare?

If you really ponder the thought, our idea of bathing is a relatively new concept in the total history of humankind.

Do you know that bathing with soap makes your skin alkaline? Even plain water can alter your skin pH. But since the wash-away products give time to your skin to re-balance, leave-on products may not be so. A skin cleanser is not the same as a daily or chronic use of highly alkaline products that remain on the skin, like emollients, lotions, creams, serums, etc. These topical applications can keep the skin at an alkaline pH, interfere with the skin's natural ability to return to a normal pH, and may cause permanent changes in the acid mantle.

So basically, cleaning our skin, even with plain water, is not a good idea at all. But on a more practical note, the microflora under the skin always fights back to maintain the pH value after we bath. In the current era of high pollutants and hazards, skincare is absolutely essential. The natural ability of our skin layer to fight infections is lost if the pH balance is disturbed. A pH balanced skin will be less sensitive over a period of time.

Other than age, race, gender, body sites, biochemical differences, air pollution and climatic changes, the everyday cosmetics that you choose for your skin can also seriously damage your skin pH. You need to assist the skin to fight back, help cleanse and keep away infections. But you need to do it by assisting the skin, not working against it!

Farmherbs care to keep pH levels maintained throughout all products including cleansers, serums, micellar water, face washes etc.. So it is absolutely imperative that one may choose pH balanced products, especially for leave-on products.

Give your skin time to breath!


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