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 Formula Artistry

Crafting the true herbal experience

The story behind the truly wholesome 100% herbal preparations

Farmherbs compositions are comprised of unique and superefficient preparation methods. Every Single farmherbs touch is uncompromisingly precious, pure, and safe, just like the mother's love. On top of being herbal, it is made with the latest herbal preservation methods.

Following a unique combination of centuries of Ayurvedic wisdom from Sreedhareeyam Ayurveda with the deep-seeded modern research from Ayurflora Synergy Institute, Farmherbs creates the ultimate experience of safety, efficacy and a sensorial bliss.

The Golden Trilogy

The saga of our formulations has its origin from the beautiful combination of three components - Authentic Ayurveda, High-Performance Herbal Actives and Fresh Floral Extracts.

The golden trilogy sculpts an extraordinary phase of herbal formulation that yields high-end results.

  • Enriched with a great tradition of centuries in ancient Ayurveda therapy, we source highly potent time-tested remedies that honour the principles of biochemical harmony & safety validated through cutting edge research.
  • Farmherbs products are perfectly enhanced with 100% botanical versions of iconic beauty ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, Bakuchiol (Retinol alternative), Resveratrol, Niacinamide, and Botanical Ceramide along with olive squalan and coconut-derived sensory ingredients.
  • The floral extracts of Marigold, Sacred lotus, Blue water lily, etc are carefully chosen for each of our products, which will give a natural aroma and oodles of freshness.

The Golden Trilogy foresee safety and efficacy with every single step that we pursue.

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Experience the life-enriching freshness of all-herbals with Farmherbs products

We have created a herbal masterpiece with safety, efficacy and beauty at the forefront. Straight out of plant life, this will entice you to an experience with nature like never before.

Almost 60% of what is applied to the skin is absorbed into the body, so you have to be very careful about what is included in your skincare products. Most people get impressed by the smell and feel of the product, but what really matters is what it does to your skin. We buy things to stop the most natural processes of the human body like ageing and pigmentation but do so with the most unnatural of chemicals. A big war that is fought with the wrong weapons! Are all herbals safe? Skincare is not just about adding active ingredients and making the product feel better. It needs much more in-depth knowledge about the combination of ingredients, possible irritancies of different ingredients and above all, the synergistic action of a compound. Have you seen a cosmetic advertisement projecting Green tea as the main ingredient and wondered ‘how is this good for me?’. Our minds are being bombarded with different ingredients like Neem, Orange and so many other things. So what can we expect when we use a product which is ‘Papaya Facewash’? The truth is, even though it is herbal, some of these ingredients are not appropriate to be used on facial skin at the minimum. Using a product with a citrus ingredient and exposure to harsh sunlight itself can damage the skin or create breakouts. Tasting good doesn’t mean good for the skin. At Farmherbs, we use our in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda, modern herbology and dermatology to create products that are safe and effective.


What about essential oils and fragrances?

Essential oils are mostly irritating to the skin unless for a few handpicked ones. The strength of the formulation also plays a major role in being safe to use. Research shows that formulations with less than 0.2% of essential oils are non-irritating. There are numerous benefits also for using essential oils. But those benefits will do no good if it is highly concentrated and is of irritating nature. On the other hand, fragrances are made from 3,100 stock chemical ingredients in the fragrance industry, or they are derived from petroleum. When we talk about the irritation potential of essential oils, it is very marginal unless used in high concentrations. But fragrances have no good side and all bad sides to be used in skincare. So it is definitely better to opt for essential oils than synthetic fragrances in skincare.

So non-fragrant is better?

To be absolutely truthful about holistic healing, the mind plays a major role in it. All our five senses are always on the lookout for experiences, and if something feels good, it affects the mind, which in turn, heals the body. Aromatherapy is proven beneficial through research. So the right balance is to feel better, but not hurt the natural system. This exact equilibrium is what Farmherbs give to you, to cherish and nourish your precious skin.

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