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Advanced Hurdle Preservation Technology with Herbals


Hurdle technology for preservation

To safeguard the herbal goodness, we have incorporated the best herbal preservation technology.

Hurdle technology for preservation

To safeguard the herbal goodness, we have incorporated the best herbal preservation technology.

Despite being the finest of all existing herbal cosmetic formulations, Farmherbs follows the ultra-efficient product preservation technique called 'the hurdle technology' for preservation and your safety. It is a great way of restricting the gateway for microbes. Truth is that even 'the best possible formulation on earth' could only give minimal results if not preserved well. The stability and safety of cosmetics largely depend on preservation factors.

It is a combination of state of the art manufacturing & bottling facilities, advanced bottles & container technology, and self-preserving formulations. The perfect harmony of these elements forms the wheels to the most sought after hurdle preservation technology.

Quality only happens when we do the best!

No synthetic preservatives in the formula

Farmherbs luxurious care is safe and sound for the long run. The care required in all the prominent stages, that of raw material, manufacture, and consumer use is truly fostered at Farmherbs. Our focus on the prevention of formula degradation without disturbing the microflora of the skin makes it effectively the best. The synergy created from the imparted hurdles makes our preservation up to par, and the most effective antioxidants from herbs are the mighty warriors here to protect your skin microflora & the precious formula.

A hurdle is not a single element, meanwhile, a combination of various factors from a balanced pH to appropriate packaging that ensures total safety. Hurdle technology helps to improve efficacy, avoid irritations, and increase shelf life without any synthetic preservatives.

Full spectrum in-house manufacturing

To keep our formulas rigid and matchless for you we wrap them in a luminary way.

We manufacture all our products in-house in our state-of-the-art facility, with the support of efficient R&D, QC and NABL accredited testing laboratory facilities. We use high-quality Airless bottles for aqua-based products to restrict the entry of microbes, which is essential to protect our formulas. Every product carries a high-quality paper carton to dissipate any kind of exposure to unwanted heat and moisture.

The formulations are carefully checked for ingredient compatibility, which in return, avoids any kind of exposure to skin irritation & negative impacts. To ensure all these precision points, we take utmost care in choosing the right balance of technology, knowledge and skills.

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