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Beauty Is Not Just Skin Deep; Age-old Secrets For the Intense beauty

10-06-2022 Skin Care

The idea of beauty is always shifting and now it’s more toward reality. The world of beauty was associated with certain standards and norms that one should possess. With the growing awareness of body positivity and self-care, the concept of beauty has shifted dramatically. For the millennial, beauty is not just the colour of the skin or the symmetry of the jawline. Beauty has a more all-encompassing meaning now. Whiter is not better now. Whitening creams are out of market. Now it is just skincare. Similarly, the society has seen a break away from synthetics-laden beauty care products, favouring the good and old traditional beauty secrets. People have started believing again in the goodness of nature that comes from within. When you pick natural goods over market-based ones that are with harmful chemicals, you may be surprised by the numerous benefits they provide. Life gets healthier when your body maintains a natural equilibrium. Both these trends are here to stay, and they are indeed a revolution for good.


Beauty product with haldi


The Real Beauty

Reflection of love or affection is the most beautiful thing in the world. Watching a mother playing with her child is a beautiful sight. It makes no difference what they look like. This is exactly why Farmherbs does not sell any whitening products. A black car is mostly more sexier than a white car… depends on the viewer though. The same is with beauty, it is in the observer’s eyes, it is individual, there is no such thing as a common law. The why do we say ‘Beauty Products’? It is because here at Farmherbs, we enhance one’s beauty with healthy, radiant body with materials from the source of all, mother nature.

The emphasis on ingredients is one of the most noticeable contrasts between conventional and natural cosmetic products. That is where people want to focus their attention and demand transparency and excellence in beauty products. Sreedhareeyam, India's leading Ayurvedic eye care group, began their research decades ago in order to serve their consumers with the very best possible, and Farmherbs is the natural answer to it.


Herbal Hair Oil


Honesty and Transparency

With a strong R&D team combining the 400 years of ancient knowledge with modern science, Farmherbs created India's first 100% herbal Beauty & Baby products. It originated from the concept honesty, transparency and deep seeded research. It ensures that most simple makeup also is nourishing to your body and skin, and also that it doesn’t block natural pathways. This groundbreaking step has made it clear that beauty is more than just skin deep; it is also about a healthy physique, inner tranquilly, and sustainability. It's all about offering the goodness of nature to stay healthy, feel good, and look good. With an unrivaled legacy and wonderful natural resources at their disposal, Farmherbs guarantees a proven, safe 100% Herbal in quality and reliability.

Synthetic products, in addition to the health concerns associated with the cosmetic industry, create a major carbon footprint. Farmherbs, because it is entirely herbal, do not hurt the environment in terms of ingredients or manufacturing. For packing materials, it is recyclable. It’s all about caring, being there for others, loving and showing honesty to ourselves and to humankind. Let’s go back to where we started, the place that taught us to live, to look good, to be the one who we are. Farmherbs gives you 100% herbal beauty, remaining loyal to ancient wisdom and extracting the most from technology.


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